Thank you for stopping by and taking an interest in my blog.

My name is Shaelyn Janisch and I am the face behind Just Shae. I am from Durban, South Africa. I firsted started my blog back in Matric in 2014 with a great passion for ALL things beauty and fashion related. I am now currently a BCompt Student at the University of South Africa and I am also doing my articles at a small auditing firm in Empangeni, Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Although I don't a lot of time on my hands to have write regularly blog posts - my passion will always be there and my blog will always be my little place where I can share this with you.


Just Shae is purely aimed at beauty, fashion and other lifestyle related posts.

The content of my posts are of my opinion and not of any organizations that I may be affiliated with. In saying this, my reviews on my blog are honest and I will never lie about a product or service just to receive free items or any type of remuneration in return.

Any information the I provide on Just Shae is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge. There is always a possibility that they may contain errors, mistakes and omissions. When I state my opinion and finding after trying out a product - it is always based on my personal experience and you may not have the same experience.

Just Shae is merely a beauty blog for entertainment and informational purposes for others and of course a hobby to me. Therefore, the information on Just Shae must be used at your own risk. I am by no means a professional in any thing related to my blog.

I reserve the rights to change how I manage and run Just Shae and I can change the focus or content of my blog at anytime. 

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