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By Unknown - August 03, 2018

Lets take a Time Machine back to Black Friday 2017.  Well that is what we would have to do to tell my silly self that my Colour Pop order will only drop on my door step in 3 months time. Would I have changed my mind? Probably not. I'll tell you why.

You would know from my first Colour Pop order it was not a good experience. My order took forever to come, I got sent a replacement and then I got charged customs. It was a very frustrating process however I loved the Colour Pop products that I received. That is what made be place my second order when they were having their Black Friday sales for $4 liquid lipsticks. 

I had a similar experience for my second order but still went for my third about a month after. Surprisingly the third order only took a month to arrive but I still had to pay customs. I think if Colour Pops customers services were not good I would not have bothered with my other orders. They just make you feel important and they are so helpful.

So lets get down to the orders. These items are over the second and third order. This is a brief overview of the products that I purchased, helpfully I will post more detailed ones of my favorite products.

Precision Brow Colour - Black 'N Brown - $6 (+- R82)

This brow pomade changed my brow game. You don't realise how dry your old pomade is until you get a new one. I have been using this everyday since it arrived and WILL NOT look back. It is a lot more creamier that the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade. Which does mean that it may finish faster. I think that this this product is so worth it for such an amazing price.

Black 'n brown Precision brow colour pop - Just shae blog

Ulta Matter and Satin Lip Liquid Lipstick - First of all and Times Square - $6.50 (+- R85)

I needed another nude (Times Square) because you can never have enough and I thought I would be adventurous and dive into some colour so I got First of all. I have worn it to work once or twice. It is definitely a bold colour and takes some courage to pull off. Colour Pop liquid Lipsticks have been one of faverite lip products for a very long time because of the amazing longevity of the product.

First of all, Time Square Colour - Just Shae

First of all, Time Square Colour - Just Shae

Pressed Powder Highlighter Palette - In-nude-endo  - $18 (+-R245)

I have used this palette a few times. I am not quite sure how a feel about yet. For now I can tell you that it works best with some liquid to make the highlight more intense. Absolutely love the packaging!

Just Shae Colour Pop South Africa Eyeshadow

Pressed She Palette - $16 (+- R212)

I have not had a lot of opportunity to try this palette out but I can say that it works best with application with your finger or with some kind liquid to make the highlight more intense. This seems to be the case with most of their presses powder products. Definitely, will be doing some makeup looks with this palette for the gram! 

Just Shae Colour Pop South Africa Highlighter

If you are from South Africa and you are considering ordering from Colour Pop. My advise would be to get some friends together and place an order that is over $50 as you will get free shipping then you can split the customs fee in ratio to your order. Don't forget to be patient. It is clear that the problem of delayed order is cause when is hits the shores of South Africa. Also, if you think that you will not be receiving your order you can contact customer services and there will give you various options to satisfy you. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing what I ordered and that this post of resourceful. 

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  1. Those pallettes are stunning! I've never tried colour pop before but I may just give them a go


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