#UltiMattePalette Lip Palette by Swiitch Beauty {Review + Swatches}

By Unknown - February 12, 2018

I have always loved the idea of lip palettes. Having a large variety of colours which provides for endless makeup looks and all the science experiments that you can preform (Mixing of colours). From personal experiences a lip brush applies lipstick a lot neater than any other type of application  which is what you would usually use then using a lip palette.

I received the #UltiMattePalette lip palette by Swiitch Beauty for Christmas from a dear friend. Today I share my thoughts. Of course know matter the out come of this post I am very appreciative of my gift from my friend.

Swiitch Beauty do most of there advertising of the Instagram Platform so you must have heard about them at least once if you love Instagram and Beauty related posts.

Appearance of product: 

I love how they use simplicity to bring out the beauty in this lip palette packaging, in fact, this is what they do with most of there products. Bare in mind that I don’t have photos of the original packaging as I threw mine away while traveling. The lip pallet is a basic, transparent acrylic container containing 12 different lip colours. It’s very compact and would be great for traveling.

How to apply the product:

It is recommended on there website that it is best applied with a lip brush. As mentioned above - I highly recommend using a lip brush for all lip applications as it allows you to be more precise and you are less likely to mess up the application. 

You can also use your finger to apply the product to your lips for a more natural look - This will give it a lip tint look rather than a more defined look if that’s what you are going for.

It is pretty basic to use and easy to apply! 

How long does the product last:

The consistency and the way a product dries plays a big role on the longevity of the a product. Also depends on your daily activities e.g. eating and drinking. 

I did find that there is a lot of transfers during my activities and a lot of smudging however this is due to the creamy consistency of the product. So you can’t really expect much from these types of products. You can always fix this with a little touch up after your meals and then voaha you are back to slaying. 

Finish and consistently:

The product is said to be Matt as in the name #UltiMattePalette and they definitely appear matte as you can see for yourself in the swatches but are creamy in consistency. Which reminds me on the Ultra Matte Lipcolor by Revlon. I feel like when a product is labeled matte everyone expects the product to dry like a matte liquid lipstick however this is not the case in every product. 

As mentioned above this will affect the longevity of the product on the lips. 

Price and where to buy :

You can buy it directly off of the Swiitch Beauty website.

The lip palette goes for R 350.00 i.e. R29.17 per lip colour. For each colour you get about 3 grams of product which is said to be the normal about of product you would get in a standard lipstick. 

I honestly think that this a definite saving if you are looking for more variety in your make up draw at an affordable price!


The colours range from bright pink, light pink, orange, nudes and purple tones. They are said to be wearable and I can definitely see how this is true. I love the variety of nudes in this palette because these are the colours that I usually go for. Maybe I’m not as adventurous to wearing the orange and pinks but you can definitely use them for mixing the shades to create new colours!

The only thing I can say about the swatching is that the lighter colours are a little steaky. You will see in my video below which one I dislike - this is due to the colour not complimenting my skin tone. 

Unfortunately I lost some footage and photography so I only have 10 of the colours swatches in the video. Otherwise I would have had all 12 colours swatches and a BONUS 2 colours that I created by mixing colours together. I hope you enjoy!

P.S. I see they are currently on sale for R199!!! Click here.

What do you think about the #UltiMattePalette?

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