Five Things That Made Me Happy This January

By Unknown - February 01, 2018

Definitely not going to lie. I had an amazing 2017. One of the BEST years of my life! Heading into 2018 I am realised that it’s going in a very different direction. I see so many challenges and obstacles that are ahead of me and all you can do is take one day at a time.  So far January has been absolutely shit. I’m not about to tell you every detail but things have come up that are out of my control and really given me a hard hit. Last week in particular. I was pondering about my unfortunate week and realised that this month hasn’t been all gloomy. So here are FIVE things that made me happy this January.

My Mother’s 50th 

50th - Just Shae Blog

Celebrating my moms 50th made me happy because of how happy she was - everyone went the extra mile at work to make her feel extra special and valued. We didn’t do anything fancy like invite all her friends to celebrate this special event. She wanted something simple with the family. My suggestion was to go to Lupa but landed up going to RocoMamas because it was more ideal for my grandmother. Nonetheless, we all had a lovely evening. 

Officially a senior trainee at my firm

I didn’t like to attempt it at first when everyone kept calling me a senior but it has finally sank in. I am in my 3rd/4th year of studying (Final year) and 3rd/4th year of my articles (about a year left). I actually never thought I would see these days because it seemed so far away when I started my adventures. I have definitely worked hard - long nights catching up on studying and planning for work. It is definitely getting more challenging at work with more responsibilities but I love getting the experience and we have such an amazing team at the firm so it makes it easier then it gets tough. Let’s do this THIRD/ FOURTH year! 

My New Phone

iPhone 8 Plus - Just Shae Blog

Absolutely inlove with my new phone! For my upgrade I decided to go for the iPhone 8 Plus. I chose this phone because I wanted a bigger phone and also it has an amazing camera. I really enjoyed having my iPhone 6s and didn’t have any problems with it. That’s why I decided to give it to my mother as she needed a new phone and mine was in a really good condition. So far I have been loving my iPhone 8 Plus especially watching Netflix/ Showmax on it. Also love the extra functionalities that it comes with. There is nothing better than starting on a fresh new phone!

A lovely night out with my girl

From experience last minute plans always turn out the be the best night out! Honestly, couldn’t have asked for a better night out with my girl, Juené. These little night outs mean the world to me and make me happy. Having a carefree night dancing with you on the dance floor. Then getting home in the early hours of the morning and laughing for hours in bed at my pictures and the stupid things we did. I love creating these amazing memories with you.

Seeing a long time friend from New Zealand 

I met this amazing girl in grade 1 at my primary school in Pinetown. She left the school in grade 2/3. We continued being amazing friends and meeting up for sleep overs etc. Now, we don't talk everyday and know about everything that happens in each others lives but when we come together there is never distance between us. Not to mention we did some pretty crazy things together grow up and will always treasure these memories. She was down in January from New Zealand and had the opportunity to spend a fun night with her. She is a real treasure and hold her close to my heart and seeing her made me really happy.

What has made you happy this January?

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  1. Yas queen! January wasn't that bad was it? I made a really big life decision this January and it really has made me happy - sometimes it isn't about acquiring things, it's about letting things go!

  2. 👌loving the blog senior! The hardships make you stronger & wiser!


Thank you for the comment!