My caribbean tan Experience {Review}

By Unknown - January 11, 2018

It’s summer now on the sunny shores of South Africa and I’m not quite prepared for the all the parties, holidays and beaching - this would be because the year has ended so fast and I didn’t have enough time to tan and get into summer! If you follow me on my socials or my blog you will know that I on occasions use caribbean tan self tanning products. I have always loved using them. Just one small problem... I can never get my tan even - this is a me problem! 

On the 8th of December I, for the first time, had a professional do it for me. Yes, a PROFESSIONAL. I have never felt so confident about my body ever before. This brought me to a realization that I am most confident about my body when my skin is the tone of a bronzed goddess. I feel like I am able to get a good opinion on this tanning product now that I have had it applied for me properly by a professional.

Here is how is all went down:

I was given the opportunity to have my tan done. I will break my experience up into three parts: Before, during and after the spray tan. I have left the images up unedited for the purpose of the true colour.

Before the tan:

Preparation of the skin before the tan is just as important as the aftercare. You need to have a clean surface for the tan to be applied to. I was told to shave and exfoliate my entire body the night before. I used a regular loofah to exfoliate my skin I just scrubbed a little harder and longer over my entire body. You could also make your own exfoliater at home. All you will need is brown sugar, coconut oil and I like to add cinnamon to spice things up. After your shower you need to moisturize your skin well. 

I know from doing my tan at home that you should try to avoid wearing tight clothing before your tan because the impressions left on your skin from wearing tight clothing may gather more tan in that area. This is definitely something you don't want!

Right before your tan you need to have another shower - This time you don't want to use any products such as shower gels and soaps. Don't apply anything to your skin after your shower either such as deodorant or moisturizer.

I then got into a bikini and removed all my jewelry - You can wear anything that you are comfortable in.  

During the tan:

This is when the fun starts...You jump into the tanning tent and get bronzed up. David was super professional and I felt very comfortable around him. I feel that being comfortable is the most important thing as this may prevent a lot of people from going back for another tan! The process of turning and spraying lasted less than 10 minutes. Well, that is what it felt like.

This photo was taken just after my spray tan was completed.

After the tan: 

You have to let your tan fully dry before putting any clothes on or sitting down. 

TIP: Don't let your dog lick you either! For some reason my dogs like to do this?! You will land up with a patchy tan. You are going to land up touching your body during the 8 hrs. This may cause the fake tan to transfer onto your fingers/ hands, and if so, make sure you wash it off as soon as you notice it.

It takes up to 8 hrs for your tan to fully develop and then you are able to have a shower. I simply slept with my tan on and then showered in the morning.

You then need to moisturize well, both morning and night. Don't be afraid to pile it on as this will make your tan last longer.

You also don't want to dry yourself once you get out of the shower in a wiping motion but rather a gentle dabbing motion.

My final thought:

I definitely had an AMAZING experience with my first professional fake tan. Like I mentioned before my tan made me feel super confident. I actually had a party that weekend so it was perfect timing but unfortunately didn't last long enough to show it off in Cape Town which was the weekend after. So my tan lasted about a week - which will only happen if you look after your tan with good aftercare. 

NO orange tones and  NO streaks.

I will definitely be trying to recreate my fake tan with my caribbean tan products at home to see if I can get the same perfect tan with all the new tips that I have learnt while having this experience. 

Cover images used from the caribbean tan Instagram

Have you ever had a tan done professionally?

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  1. The epidermis prior to a color can be just as significant for the reason that aftercare. You need to have some sort of fresh exterior with the color for being given to. When i seemed to be explained to to help african shop uk shave in addition to exfoliate the overall body the night previous to. Many you should have is usually brown leafy mister, coconut fat in addition to I love to create cinnamon to help liven factors in place. Soon after ones shower area it is advisable to moisturize skin very well.


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