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By Unknown - December 12, 2017

It has been a ridiculously long time since I last posted. I am going to get straight on with the post instead of giving my 1000 reasons why.... Really.

I thought it would be a good little post since it has been a while. I love Instagram... Who doesn't? I do not think I can go a day without browsing through my Insta feed. If you are reading this post drop your Insta handle down below and I'll be sure to check out your account!

I will start will my most recent.

Location: Ntaba Ingwe, Ntambanana

On the weekend on the 7th was my Boss' Wife's farewell. My second mother is sadly leaving Kwa-Zulu Natal and moving to Western Cape. It was an amazing weekend meeting all her close friends and family. This cute body suite that I was wearing was kindly lend to me by a friend because I didn't bring any "Party" clothes from Durban.

Location: Pinetown

My baby boy...Fidelio. Taking him to the park makes me so happy because I know how much he loves it. Plus we have a larger space to play fetch with Aldo his brother. I miss him so much when I am away and wish I could just bring him with me but I would not want to take him out of this environment that he is use to - That would be selfish of me. See you this weekend!

Location: Madevu Luxury Yacht, Durban Harbor

How can you get so much gorgeous in one photo? Meet my beautiful friends. From the left we have Jessica Salt, Juene Ferreira, Me, Cherise Laas, Danielle Laas and Sisonke Booi. Some older friends and some newer friends but when we are together we create amazing memories. This photo was taken at Juene's 21st birthday on the Madevu Luxury Yacht.

Location: Fourways Farmers Market, Fourways

This was a quick, after exams holiday with special family. I really enjoy going to small market - walking around and browsing the stores. One store in particular - they obviously made an impression on me - was the Beigent Brother. I have never seen anyone so passionate about making donuts. It was an amazing four days and cant wait to see them again. In the photo: My Uncle, Sister and Me.

Location: Crispy Creme, Mall of Africa

First time having Crispy Cremes and it has not been my last. We had to grab a dozen at the Mall of Africa even though they have a Crispy Cremes at Gateway -  I do not often visit so for some reason Mall of Africa was more convenient.  I personally love the plain glazed donuts and the peanut butter donuts. I have also recently tried their hot chocolate - It is probably one of the best hot chocolates I have ever had along with my local Vida e Caffe hot chocolate and Aunty Lisa's hot chocolate .

Location: Ntambanana

This is the road I drive on everyday to get home form work. The only down side to staying there is the road gets wrecked then it rains but for the amount of beautiful sunsets and sunrises I have seen driving on this road, I wouldn't change it for the world.

Location: Richards Bay

I took this photo when Rialene took me for lunch in Richards Bay at a restaurant called Portuguese on the Bay. They have the most amazing food on there menu and delicious desserts. There is nothing better than a restaurant with a view.

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PS. I forgot to post this so I have decided to post it now. I hope you still enjoy!

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