Well hello there...

By Unknown - December 08, 2016

Well hello there... It has been a while, just 4 months... I have not been around due the busy world we live in, also I have not felt "Bloggy" in a while. I still love having my blog and will always keep it.

So what have I been up to? If you follow me on social media, you would have seen that I have been writing exams. I have completed them now and can safely say they went okay. I say okay because there is always room for improvement and do think I could have put a lot more effort in to studying. It is over now so I just need to focus on Christmas and work. Did someone say Christmas?! Yes. Christmas. How excited are you?

I am extra excited for Christmas this year because I will be spending it in the most festive place in the world. I will be heading off to the UK next Friday. I am incredibly blessed to be going for the fourth time to see this amazing place and my amazing family. I am definitely going to be documenting everything I do, so if you interested stay tuned and follow me on Instagram - @shaelynjanisch and Snapchat - shaeely. I honestly would one day love to move up to that side of the world. Don't get me wrong I love my home town, I just love the lifestyle up there. I do however need to finish my BCompt degree and my training before I even start thinking about these things.

In other news, I have a new best friend. His name is Fidelio and his breed is Italian Greyhound. I am absolutely in love with him. He has the most amazing personality and makes me so, so happy. We actually had two Italian greyhounds but sadly Serena was born with complications and passed on. It is actually quite a long story so I might do a blog post on it. I know it sounds really sad that I would want to have a whole blog post on our dog that passed on but I definitely think we learnt a thing or two from our experience.

We are getting another Iggy, Aldo, who is coming next week. Fidelio has really missed Serena so I am so excited he is going to be getting a new buddy. I honestly have the best Italian Greyhound breeder and I am so happy that I have found her. If you are interested in getting a little pup of your own please check Suamore Italian Greyhounds out! She is based in the Freestate but we have only had the best experiences with her.

I can officially mark two year of being out of school and working. I honestly think that I have accomplish so much for myself since then. I have learnt so much and cannot wait to start a new year!

I have some blog post coming up soon! Hope everyone is doing well for yourselves!

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