Empties #1 - Mitchum, COLAB and Garnier

By Unknown - July 22, 2016

I have never done one of these post before  on my blog. I do find them interesting and I thought I would give it a go. I am only going to talk about 3 products to keep it short and simple.

Mitchum Gel:

 This is a little weird but its one of my everyday favorite product to use. I just finished another recently and thought I would share. I trust this deodorant to keep me dry and confident though out the day. When I was in school I search high and low for a good deodorant that would not cause bad odor and cause you to sweat double time. Finding something that works for you is so important. I am quite an excessive sweater and then I found this it did make a big difference. It's a gel so its applies smoothly under your armpits. You must let it dry fully before putting you clothes on otherwise I feel like it doesn't work as well as it should. They have good variety of scents to choose from as well. Be sure to try this product if u are still looking for a good remedy to you sweating problems. They are a bit pricey compared to normal spray on deodorant but I would rather pay a little more for a brand and product that I trust. So I have been loving this product will continue to repurchase it.

COLAB extreme volume Dry Shampoo:

I purchase this to try it out and compare to the batiste dry shampoo which I have try a few times before. This dry shampoo does cost a bit more that is why I got the smaller bottle but probably should have paid R40 more to get my money's worth. I must say It's a little hard to compare to Batiste. I did experience something with both products; my scalp becomes itchy after the second application. Generally, you use dry shampoo when you don't have time to wash your hair. It adsorbs the excess oils to make it look fresh and clean until you have time to give it a wash. Which is very helpful in some cases where you have last minute plans and you have no time to wash and blow dry your hair. Sometimes people use it even when they just washed there hair for some texture and volume. I use it both ways and I just find that I can't use it to much in a row. I just irritates my scalp. I have read a few horror stories about Dry shampoo on Facebook and the inta-web. But obviously of it doesn't work for you then it's just not something you should be using so I keep my usage to a minimum.

Other than my general problem with dry shampoo, I didn't find much problem with this product. It's smell amazing and does the job of giving extreme volume. If you get a bit tired for the Batiste smell that would be a good dry shampoo to try, it has a very fresh smell. It also has a less powdery feel in the hair. The smaller bottle was about R50.

Garnier Ultimate Blends with coconut oil and cocoa butter:

(Trailor made for dry, frizzy hair) shampoo and conditioner

This is a relatively new product on the shelve that everyone was excited about.

I got this off the shelf to try when my hair had become dry and frizzy on my tips. This would be damage from the blonde I had put in which it now out after a recent hair cut. I wanted something to make it look more healthy and restored. I honestly didn't find anything amazing about this product other than the smell. The smell of coconut just makes me happy... Did this product help my hair? Nope, I didn't see much of a difference. It did feel fresh and clean after a wash, I just expected more from this product. However, I am trying the Ulimate Blends Conditioner The nourishing repairer with avocado oil & shea butter and that seems to be doing wonders for my hair.  I do think the whole range of Ulimate Blends is a beautiful range of shampoos and conditioners, you obviously have to find something that works for you.

Hope you enjoyed this very small empties most!

Have you tried anything of these products?

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