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By Unknown - July 08, 2016

So lately I have been filling in my brows and shaping them. I can't say I do the best job but hey brows can be tricky! If you follow me on Instagram and read my blog you will see that I made a purchase off of Beauty Bay of a very famous brow product - Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade

I have been trying a few other products out since then and I tend to change my "brow routine " from day to day. I sometimes go all out and somethings I just go with the flow and just roughly full it in. A few other products I use: essence brow gel, Benefit gimme BROW and my Laura Gellar brow brush or more recently the Cala brow angled brush

Brow products:

If I want to go natural I will grab the essence brow gel.  I have it in 01 brown, this is not too dark that is why I grab it for a more natural look. It gives amazing definition to your brow and fills in the sparse areas of your brow. I do focus at the end of my brows more because I like the keep the beginning of my brows natural

I then like to the grab Gimme Brow which is a brow gel that will keep the brow hairs in place and stop them from doing funny things during the day!

 I have really been loving these product and do recommend that you try it out to see if it works for you! I picked up the essence brow gel for R 57.95 from Dischem/ Clicks and the Benefit Gimme Brow for R 295 from Edgars. I see essence has a brow gel as well. I would be interest to see how that works as well! 

If I want a more defined look I would grab ABH Dipbrow pomade ( darker shade) to define the wings of your brow and I would use essence at the beginning to create an ombré effect. I do find if I use the ABH at the beginning of my brow the product is to dark and will make it look like an epic fail. For a little more about this product read here.

If you rub your face/ brows a lot during the day both brow gel do begin to fade so do keep that in mind when you use them! 

Brow tools:

I use an angled brow brush to apply the brow gel to my brows. I have recently purchased the Cala brow/liner 317 brush and I have been loving it! The quality is just so amazing and you can really work so well with this brush.

Here is a small clip of me doing my brows. This was a small part of a GRWM video what I film but didn't film half of it so I never actually uploaded it so at least it does come to good use. Now I did do this a while ago this was before I got the other new brow products but u get a basic idea for how I full in my brows.


I try to pluck once a week or when I see that they need attention. I do make an effort sometimes to thread my own brows - this I got taught off of YouTube- this pulls all the really fine hairs out to make your brows look flawless! I find that sometime my brows start to look a bit over plucked that's when I let them grow out a bit and don't pluck for a few weeks and then I start maintenance again just to get them looking a little thick again. I don't trust anyone else with my brows! 

Hope you enjoyed this post! Thank you for reading!

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