Relvon Ultra Matte Lipcolor {Review}

By Unknown - June 30, 2016

Every (most) girl is into matte lipstick these days and I must say I have been loving them as well! I did run when I saw these Revlon babies being released. 
I mean Kylie's lip kits are crazy pricey but would love to one day add to my make up collection, if ever.... But for now this will do! 

I love how simple and different the packaging is for this liquid lipstick. It is plastic so it will not break if you drop it.  I do love the misted, glass effect.

I purchased this the Revlon Ultra Matte Lipcolor in the colour "Seduction". I went for the most "wearable" shade because the other colours in this range are very bright and bold. I think it's just what you prefer to wear. 

So here are something that you might want to know before you purchase this lip product:

❤️ It goes for about R 159 at Dischem and Clicks.

❤️ It is said to be " Lightweight, moisturizing, velvety feel and high definition".

❤️ When I first applied this product I applied way to much on my lips that it didn't dry at all. You have to apply a thin layer to your lips for it to dry matte and It does take a well to do this. 

❤️ The "matte" that is goes it not the normal matte that I have experienced with any other matte liquid lipstick. It still does appear a little wet looking - maybe that's how it keeps it moisturizing...

❤️ The applicator is great, soft and easy to use

❤️ It has a lovely sweet smell which is always great, no body wants a stinky lipstick!

❤️ The staying power is not the best - does transfer a lot and then eventually fades away. I would be interested to see how long the darker colours last. 

❤️ When you apply to much it doesn't dry and it goes sticky. 

For me I wasn't too disappointed with this product. I still use it a lot despite of all the cons that I have mentioned. I do think they should re-think the price! 

Please see the photo below of how it looked on my lips when dried. I do love the colour and also like to mix it with other lip products as well. 

I feel that same people maybe disappointed if they are looking for a super matte looking lip product that stays for long on the lips because that is not what this product offers. 


Have you tried this product?

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