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By Unknown - April 14, 2016

I recently ordered a few beauty product off Beauty Bay which is an England based online store. I really wanted to get my hands on a Morphe Brushes palette that everyone on the web is going crazy about. The most reasonable price I could find was on Beauty Bay.

Beauty Bay sells amazing brands such as Anastasia Beverly Hills, bbrowbar, Dose Of Colour, Eyeko, Gerard Cosmetics, Laura Geller, Makeup Geek and Too Faced. I was pretty excided to see that they shipped to South Africa / internationally for only $2.80 or Free if your order is over $22. However the order is NOT tracked.

I put through my order and got it about a month later. This is a little long since it says 7-10 day delivery on their website but I'm thinking that would be the case if you lived in England. I did stress a bit after it was 3 weeks down the line and still didn't receive a letter in the post to come fetch the parcel. The more important point is that it came!

My thought on the prices... Their website is in dollars. I thought it was an Australian website so I converted from AUD to ZAR this was obviously not the case. So YES I got a huge fright when R 200 more came out of bank than expected. I blame myself for this! Other than that the prices were not that bad however Its not something that I would be able to buy when ever I feel like it. The palette was +/- R 350. Which is not bad for 35 eye shadows in the palette. (This is based my the products that I purchased there is a lot of other high end products that are just expensive through and through.)

To add to this, if you are buying off this website or most websites that are not South African do expect to pay customs especially if your order is over R 500. Its not fun when you add it all up in the end and I think there starting price just to check the package is R 150. But hey I got some really good products!

I would like to also add that once I had made my ordered off Beauty Bay, a week later the amount went out of my bank the second time. I nearly had a heart attack. I thought that they had double charged me on my order. I immediately contacted them to advise what steps I needed to take. I also contacted my bank. I feel like my bank handled a lot better and quicker. They reversed the payment in no time. I do think that this problem was caused by my bank and not Beauty Bay.

So would I order off Beauty Bay again? Possibly... I am not going to jump into it anytime soon because it did turn out a little bit more than expected. I may however in a couple months time really want to try a product out and would be willing to sacrifice. I don't think my experience with Beauty Bay was bad at all. I just was not aware of a few thing a long the line. I would definitely recommend trying Beauty Bay out! Just make sure you don't get double charged.

Morphe Brushes 35W 35 Warm Palette

This palette has a great variety of shadows that I am excited for. I have tried a few but not all. It has a mixture of matte, shimmer shadows, nudes and other different colours. I do find that they are a little difficult to blend out but you can get it right by adding little by little and slowly building up the colour.

The quality is average which I was very aware of before purchasing. The are still great to work with! I don't want to go into too much detail because I do want to do an in-depth post on this with swatches etc.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade - Dark Brown

The famous and I think very over rated brow product. I must say that it has truly lived up to all the craze that it has had over the years. You only need a little amount and it goes far when filling in your brows. I was a bit scared to get this since everyone says it dries out quickly but I do think that it is worth it.

I use an angled brow brush to apply the Dipbrow to my brows and concentrate on the shape of the wing of the brow. There are tons of tutorials on YouTube on how to use this product so that is helpful!

The images were taken before I made a mess of it so I have been using this product for a good few weeks. My brows last the whole day and looks really good once you have cleaned up the edging with a concealer.

Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick - Serenity

This is the most beautiful colour lipstick I have. This high quality liquid lipstick is amazing. The colour is just perfect - I have it in Serenity. I did a little research before choosing this colour of course because I didn't want something to dark or light.

The staying power is up to my standard although there is a little bit of transfer while eating and drinking. I do find that you may have to touch up during the day.

This lipstick does give you enough time to apply, fix mistakes and adjust the shape (if needed) before drying matte. Considering that it is Hydra Matte is do find it to become drying on my lips during the day. There are ways to try improve this though including making sure you lips are well moisturized before applying.

I find this lipstick very comfortable on the lips. It doesn't move around because its matte and this is what I love most about it! It is really easy to apply to the lips, I so suggest using a lip liner before for extra flawless application.

Whats you faverite online store?

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  1. I love this Shae! You should get a Aramax Global Shopper account. So much simpler. I am definitely going to go on Beauty Bay and order the Anastasia Beverley Hills brow products. Thanks for the review. x

  2. Hi there,
    Did you put a PO box or a home address when you ordered? If it was a home address how did you know it had arrived?
    Thanks a mill.

    1. HI Robyn,

      Sorry for the later reply! I put my office address and someone delivered it straight to the doors. Luckily my boss was there to collect it while I was out at a client.

      Hope this helps!


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  4. I would also like to buy a morphe palette off beautybay...how much did you pay for customs


Thank you for the comment!