The Perfect Pair

By Unknown - March 18, 2016

I believe that everyone should have at least one good pair of jeans. We all have different preferences when it comes to style, colour and brand. I prefer a good high waisted pair of skinny jeans.
I wanted to share with you my faverite brand and why I love them!

I have recently got another pair of Factorie Skinnies and I am loving them! I first got a black pair with riped knees and then a white pair with with rips up the both legs. I decided that this time I was going to go for plain pair. I actually landed up with two new pairs because my sister's pair didn't fit and they didn't have in her size so bonus for me! I fine their jeans/ jeggings so so comfy! They do not loose there shape and start to sag during the day either. They stay tight fitting and hold on to your legs well through out the day.

I do think that Factorie can be a bit pricey at times however I do think its worth spending a little more for a good pair of Jeans or jeggings. They do range from R 300 to about R 450 and have a crazy variety of colour!

I just felt that I had to share this with you since I have been loving them so much.

Let me know if you have a pair of Factorie jeans or what brand do love?

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