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By Unknown - March 21, 2016

I had never had just plain gel on my nails and I had been thinking about doing it for months as this would help grow my nails out a bit because I'm a bitter. I unfortunately had no time to go get my nails done plus I wasn't sure of where to go and the best price etc. I have had my nails done before for my Matric dance but that included tips. 

A few weeks ago I was offered by Sorbet in pavilion to come try their Gelish treatment out. Of course I jumped at the opportunity and made my booking. I will be sharing my opinions/ experience in this blog post. Please note that my opinions are my own and are not influenced or fake. 

A few weeks after my treatment my gel started to grow out and I was going away for work and needed to get it fixed up. My intentions were to go back to Sorbet but unfortunately when I went to the salon they were fully booked and I had not made any bookings so I decided to go try the salon out next to Sorbet, Perfect 10. 

I will now tell you my experience by comparing the two events. Please also note that I am not trying to bring any salon down or give them a bad name. I am simply sharing everything I experienced while I was having my nails done at both salon. 

Staff/ service

Perfect 10- The day I went the salon was really quite so there was staff sitting around doing there own nails and having long conversations. I didn't find them very friendly and I don't expect them to all bow down and greet me. It's just the vibe that they let off it wasn't very welcoming. Maybe they were having an offish day perhaps? 

Sorbet - The minute I walked in to the salon everyone was so friendly and greeted my mom and I with a smile. It just felt really good being in there even though I didn't know anyone.

Atmosphere in salon

Perfect 10 - It was very dull, there wasn't even any music playing at all. All I heard the whole time I was in there was the conversation some of the employees.

Sorbet - I felt so relaxed while being in the salon. They played all the right music which really set a good vibe.

Getting my nails done

Perfect 10 - They first had to remove my old Gelish polish off which they filed off. I am not sure why they didn't soak it off because that would have been the correct thing to do. The consist filling began to get hot on my nail and it felt like it was burning. This for me just made me disappointed. I then chose a beautiful lavender colour from there Bio Sculpture Gel polish. The whole process went really well they were really snappy.

Sorbet - My nails were really short to start off with. I chose a deep red/ purple colour from there Gelish polish range. I felt to relaxed while get my nails done because it went so smoothly and I was so comfortable and could have easily dozed off. The lady tried to make conversation with me which I really appreciate because it just broke the ice and made me feel comfortable. 

End product

Perfect 10 - I don't know if Bio Sculpture is harder to work with but I do know that the gel should not touch the skin because that is where it will lift. This was exactly what happened they was a lot of the product on my skin. I had to file nearly all my nails to try prevent the lifting.Unfortunately by the next day one already popped off. This really annoyed me so I began to take the rest off myself. I did really love the colour and had a complements on it in a shop that a visit the next day. 

Sorbet - The end product was so neat and didn't bother me one little bit. The gel stayed on until I decided that it had grown out to much and had to get removed. This was about two to three weeks later.


My experience at Perfect 10 was not was as good as Sorbet. You might think that I was a bit petty and worried about silly things. These are the thing that went through my mind while sitting and getting my nails done. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Just to prove how good Sorbet is I went back to them the day after the gel that I had done at Perfect 10 popped off. I was given the same amazing service received the first time! And they removed the remaining gel that was still left on my nails, correctly. You can see the picture above at the beautiful work they did.

 Let me know if you have had any bad experiences at a nail salon!

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  1. Shaelyn is very particular about her nails. I think you have given a fair opinion of your experiences.
    WELL DONE ☆☆☆☆☆

  2. Love this review of the two salons Shae. My nails don't grow (or should I say to slow for my liking) and have been contemplating on whether I should go and get gelish as I hate the tips. Will definitely be making my booking at Sorbet soon! x

    1. Thank you Shalene for taking the time to read my post. Yes, the gel allowed my nails to grow out a bit which was great!


Thank you for the comment!