My First Lush Purchase

By Unknown - December 08, 2015

Welcome back to my blog beautiful people. So like many, there is a first for everything.
A few weeks ago  had the opportunity to go to Gateway and purchases two lush products. I probably would have purchased more if I was prepared and did some research to try other peoples faverites but I just grabbed the two things that I could remember that was good from reading/ watching reviews in the past.

Most of you will know what lush is but for those of you that don't you can read up on their website that explains the best!

My Purchase:

Honey I washed The Kids Soap

Main featured ingredient is Honey and beeswax. This is one of there most loved soaps so I have been told. I really loved the scent that is why I decided to purchase it. I applied it directly to my skin in the bath or shower. It makes my skin feel soft and smell amazing. I must say I had a lot of fun using this!

Magic Wand Bubble Bar

Main featured ingredient is glycerine. It reads on the packaging:

"Wave a magic wand over bath time this candy sweet re-usable bubble bar wand. Swish around your bath for snow  fairy scented bubbles then pop it on the side to dry out for next time"
Honestly, when I first used it I ran my bath and then tried swirling it around in the bath to create bubble. Result: A beautiful, sweet smell and glitter in my bath and no bubbles. This definitely works better when you run it under the running bath tap!

My total purchase cost just under R 180. This is a bit pricey but considering you can use the products more than once I think its worth it. The bath wand it re-usable and the soap is obviously re- usable but it goes a long way. They also have beautiful Christmas range out!

What are your faverites from Lush?

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  1. Your first purchase that's so exciting! I bought Honey I washed the Kids on my first purchase too I really loved using that soap <3

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  2. I love that pinky star magic wand bubble bar~ it just so cute and fun...

    Merry Christmas


Thank you for the comment!