New Zoella Beauty Products !

By Unknown - September 29, 2015

Once again Zoella has added new products to her Beauty collection. Some really exciting products indeed! I am really excited for this as well as her Christmas collection! Check them out!

These images are from Superdrug. They are so beautiful and you can see that a lot of thought was put into this! The prices range from 5 - 15 pounds in Rands that is roughly R 110 - R 322. This is little bit pricey. You can purchase the Zoella Beauty range on . The feel unique website is only selling 4 of the products for some reason which is a little disappointing.

The Christmas range is not out yet but you get a seek peek of the products here

Here are some of my favorites from the New range and Christmas range!

I love these products and hope that I will be able to try out a few! Tell me what you think of this new collection! Check out my other posts on the Zoella Beauty Products here and here


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  1. All of her products look so beautiful!

  2. I love the look of Zoe's products I'd like to try the room diffuser for my dorm room!

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