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By Unknown - August 26, 2015

You are probably reading the title and saying to yourself that this girl is crazy we are going into Spring /Summer in South Africa. Well, I wish I did this post earlier to show you some really stylish jackets that you could have enjoyed and I am sure you can still rock them on the cooler days of spring. If you are reading this post and it is Fall (Autumn) where you live I am sure you will enjoy this post and find it helpful if you are looking for some stylish jackets this fall.

Zaful have some lovely fall jackets to finish off your outfit and make you look on point. I really love these jackets and wish I had a few myself. Zaful is affordable and always have the latest trends! They are having tons of sales at the moment so go now and check them out here.

I'll be showing you a few of my favourites:

I really love this grey sleeveless drape jacket. Firstly, because I love grey and secondly its so beautiful; I love the way it falls in the front. It is perfect to wear to look dressed up on the warmer days/ nights. I really love the length of this jacket as well. Check it out here.

You can't go wrong with a leather jacket. It's great for movies or a night out with your friends. I think everyone should have a leather jacket. I especially love the detail of the studs on this jacket. Check this jacket out here.

I have been loving any floral/ patterned jacket lately. They really make you look bold and stand out more. This is perfect if you can't find a good shirt to wear. If you wear a plain coloured shirt you can easily pull floral/pattern jackets off this fall. As you can see it looks really good with statement jewellry. Get option 1 here and option 2 here.

I really love these jackets and had so much fun putting this post together for you to show you my favourite jackets. I wish I could show you all my favourites but you should go look for yourself! Let me know what you think of the Zaful Fall jackets and which are your favourites!


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  1. I love the floral jacket, esp the one on the right!

  2. In the frequent blog of your site, she seems to be gorgeous in wonderful outfit with a superb jacket and with nice shoes is too good. I like to buy celebrity leather jackets.


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