Ahoy! Nauti Girl by essence

By Unknown - August 12, 2015

Today I have an exciting post! Its all about essence new nauti girl range. Its a very cute and different range that everyone can enjoy. I only got a few of the products which I'll share with you later in the post but first lets look at the whole range.

(Image off google)

I really love the names of these products they are so clever!

1. Eyeshadow palette- "01 Cool Breeze" R69.95
2. Waterproof eye pencil - "01 Ahoy, boy!" R57.95
3. Eyebrow tint - "01 Ocean liner" R44.50
4. Longlasting lipstick - "01 Miss navy" and "02 Crew first" R44.50
5. Blush - "01 Anchors Aaweigh!" R57.95
6. Nail Polish - "01  Ahoy, boy", "02 Oh captain, my captain", "03 Miss navy" and "04 Crew first" R38.95
7. Nail sticks- "01 Hey sailors!" R24.95
8. Like a nauti girl fragrance - Around R59.00

I didn't see the make up bag and the other palette in store. I'm not sure if they have it in South Africa. The range is only in store between August and October while stock last.

This is what I got:


I already have similar colours to the range so I saved some money and used what I have. I really love the deep navy blue that I brought from the collection. I created a simple look with the stickers.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I got all the products from Dischem. Check out the video!

Let me know what you think of this collection!

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  1. Wow these look so cool!! The eyeshadow is not for me but loving the lipstick shades

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. These items look so pretty! How is the quality of this brand in general? I've seen them at Ulta stores and, while its not expensive, I didn't want to spend the money unless they're good.


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Thank you for the comment!