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By Unknown - July 07, 2015

So I have had a lot of people ask me of how I got these nails and its really simple! This post shows you exactly how to do my white and gold mani!

You will need the following items:

1. White false nails - China Plaza
2. Nail glue - Nail Plant
3. Striping tape - China Plaza
3. Clear nail polish
4. Small scissors
5. Nail file
6. Nail clips or something to cut your false nails

How to:

Step 1 - Measure your nails to fit your false nails as you can see in the photo below.

Step 2 - Glue the false nails on with a nail glue. You can use any but better quality glues will obviously hold the nail on longer.

Step 3 - Once dry, cut the false nail to a length of your choice. I took about 2 mm off each nail. I used my nail clippers by cutting the nail on either side and then twisting the piece off. If you cut it off in one go it may lift the nail.

Step 4 - File your nails so its nice and smooth on the edges

Step 5 - Its now time to create your stripes with the gold tape. Cut a whole bunch of pieces of tape don't worry about the length. Place the tape on the nail and press firmly so it sticks.

Step 6 - Use your little scissors to cut the excess tape on the sides of your nail off.

Step 7 - Use a top coat to seal the tape

And you are done! Its really simple! You can get most of these products off Ebay if you don't have them! :)

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  1. I love pairing white and gold together, especially in the summer!

    xo, Liz

  2. I love these =]


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