Blue & Purple Nail Art | How to

By Unknown - July 22, 2015

This post shows you how to get this simple look. My one nail smudged a little :( And I am using my white falsies again.

You will need:

Pre-cut your striping tape:

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  1. Absolutely FAB! Will definitely be trying this! xxx

  2. This is seriously so cool! My best friend loves doing nails and I'm definitely going to give her this idea. I think I may do this on my nails tonight too <3

  3. It doesn't look smudged at all, looks lovely! I'm so bad a nail art but this seems quite easy to try, thanks for sharing :)


  4. I LOVE this idea. This is definitely something I'll try.

    Charlotte x

  5. Very cute design =]

  6. That's so cool that you used a sponge to create that effect! And you have so many falsies haha! (:

    Angelina Is

  7. Absolutely love this nail look and the colours you have used work together so nicely!
    Rachel Coco

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  9. This is such a cool design! I love doing my nails as well and am always looking for new ideas for manis. Great job on this look!

  10. This is so gorgeous :D I will have to try this!


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