My Favorite Instagram Accounts

By Unknown - May 04, 2015

Instagram one of my favorite apps and Social Media. I find myself browsing accounts for hours and hours, creating new obsessions and finding inspirations! I have decided to show you the accounts that I have been loving!

A video posted by Nails Videos (@nailsvideos) on

A photo posted by Carlinn (@superficialgirl) on

A photo posted by Kayleigh Johnson (@kayleighjcouture) on

A photo posted by Sara Salah (@wearwild) on

A photo posted by DANIELLE JACKSON (@daniellejjackson) on

Hope you enjoy these accounts! Have you got any favorites?


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  1. Such awesome accounts! Love this post idea and your blog is gorgeous xoxo

    1. Aw thank you! Thank you for stopping by! <3

    2. No problem! and it's true your blog is soo purdy! Keep bloggin you're awesome at it xoxox


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