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By Unknown - May 13, 2015

In December 2015, I finished Matric! Of course I wanted to dye my hair since we were not allowed to do this in school. I made the decision to have Ombre done after seeing how lovely it looked on so many people. This is what is looking like the day I had it done. I have had a hair cut since then so its a little shorter :(

I have really been loving the blond in my hair and I am thinking of getting it redone. I have had brown hair my whole life and have had low lights done two or three times so I am not an expert on how to manage blonde hair well. It was so important to look after it so that it didn't go orange or appear broken from the bleach. I thought I would share what I did to achieve this. I cant say that its perfect and that if you do these things and use the products that your hair will be perfect because we do have different hair types and we would have to use different products to achieve the results that we want. Just want to say I took these photos outside because didn't have enough light inside, I  know its a bit weird! I have been using this products for over 5 months.

1. Dove Damage Solutions Deep Repair Treatment  - I use this product about once or twice a month I should be using it more but I usually just use it when I see that my hair is lacking moisture. I really love this hair mask it leaves you hair so soft and looking healthy again! 

2. Kadus Colour Radiance - I  purchased this when I had my hair done because I was told that it would hold my colour in because it has less harmful products in it. It was a bit pricey so I used it in every alternate wash. I use tresemme products as well. I do love the spray conditioner though! I love the smell and sometimes use this more than I'm meant to!

3. Touch of Silver - I really know that this product is works well! I love this and purchased this in England after seeing the TV ad. It leaves your blonde hair looking bright and less orange! Its a life saver.

4. Avon Advance Technique Moroccan Argan oil- I usually use this product after each wash applying it to damp hair and usually concentrate on my tips. I have never used any other Moroccan Oil so I can't compare. It does make my tip appear more healthier and less dry. This product it affordable and I would get more when it finishes!  

What are your favorite hair products and whats you hair life saver?

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