Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Mini Look book Summer/Spring Dress

Yes, I know it is WINTER in South Africa. At the moment it is really hot so that is why the video is  called Summer / Spring Dresses. My sister allowed me to steal some of her new dresses to do this look book :) Feels like I got a brand new wardrobe. hehe......

Let me know which is your favorite dress. I'm still in love with the black and white dress which you can actually add a small belt to. 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Black & White Dress {OOTD}

I really love how simple and pretty this dress it! I would love to say that this dress is mine but it unfortunately belongs to my sister. She arrived back from England with loads of pretty dresses from my lovely Aunt and Cousins which I hijacked and took photos in!

Expect to see more post on dresses! This dress is from Primark. 
Hope you had a great Monday!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

New product from Zoella Beauty

My sister came back with another product for me from the Zoella Beauty range on Sunday.
The Blissful Mistful Body Mist! Okay, now this was meant to be for my birthday (in September) but she could not wait that long...

These are the products I have already!

So great full to own a few products from the Zoella Beauty Range.They really smell great! These photos are really bad.... Oh well. 

Do you have any Zoella Beauty Products?

Monday, May 18, 2015

Another Taylor Swift post....

Taylor release her new music video - Bad Blood! I really love this music video with all these other celebz in as well. I was so excited and just had to share. If you don't know about it now you do! Selena Gomez, Kendrick Lamar, Jessica Alba, Ellie Goulding and Hayley Williams in the video. Check it out.

I really think she is amazing she keeps WOWWing everyone!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Lyla Loves Wishlist | Jewelry & Accessories

Have you checked this online shop Lyla Loves ? You can't blame me for looking for my favorites. I love gold jewelry so you will see that my wish list is fulled with gold accessories. My favorites:

They have the most beautiful collection of jewelry and they are very affordable! They also have a new range on phone covers although I don't have an Iphone I really love the pastel colours on the phone case in my wishlist ! So If you had to ask which are my absolute fave... I would choice the bag and the Gold hammered Multi Row Necklace! Check them out and maybe create your very own wishlist! ( Photos from Website)

Which are your favorites?

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mix & Match Nail Art Tutorial {Grey & Pink}

I finally finished my little tutorial for this look!

Check it out! Please drop a comment...

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

How to | Care for Ombre Hair

In December 2015, I finished Matric! Of course I wanted to dye my hair since we were not allowed to do this in school. I made the decision to have Ombre done after seeing how lovely it looked on so many people. This is what is looking like the day I had it done. I have had a hair cut since then so its a little shorter :(

I have really been loving the blond in my hair and I am thinking of getting it redone. I have had brown hair my whole life and have had low lights done two or three times so I am not an expert on how to manage blonde hair well. It was so important to look after it so that it didn't go orange or appear broken from the bleach. I thought I would share what I did to achieve this. I cant say that its perfect and that if you do these things and use the products that your hair will be perfect because we do have different hair types and we would have to use different products to achieve the results that we want. Just want to say I took these photos outside because didn't have enough light inside, I  know its a bit weird! I have been using this products for over 5 months.

1. Dove Damage Solutions Deep Repair Treatment  - I use this product about once or twice a month I should be using it more but I usually just use it when I see that my hair is lacking moisture. I really love this hair mask it leaves you hair so soft and looking healthy again! 

2. Kadus Colour Radiance - I  purchased this when I had my hair done because I was told that it would hold my colour in because it has less harmful products in it. It was a bit pricey so I used it in every alternate wash. I use tresemme products as well. I do love the spray conditioner though! I love the smell and sometimes use this more than I'm meant to!

3. Touch of Silver - I really know that this product is works well! I love this and purchased this in England after seeing the TV ad. It leaves your blonde hair looking bright and less orange! Its a life saver.

4. Avon Advance Technique Moroccan Argan oil- I usually use this product after each wash applying it to damp hair and usually concentrate on my tips. I have never used any other Moroccan Oil so I can't compare. It does make my tip appear more healthier and less dry. This product it affordable and I would get more when it finishes!  

What are your favorite hair products and whats you hair life saver?

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Friends Cafe | Mothers Day Breakfast

Hope you spoilt your mothers this Mothers Day! I really wanted to do something special this Mothers Days and take my mother out for a relaxing breakfast with just the two of us. I heard of this cafe "Friends Cafe" was a great place to go and thought I would try it out! This cafe is in Pinetown and was really easy to find. It was so nice to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air. Our breakfast was great and I brought my mother a bunch of roses as well. She really enjoy her morning and was very impression with the cafe! I think its worth your time to visit this Cafe if you are ever in the area!

I stole some of there photos from there Facebook to show you guys.

What did you do for your Mother?

The Creative Blogger Award: Tag

The lovely Sammie from nominated me for the Creative Blog Award tag. Thank you so much for nominating me, means the world to me! She is very creative when it comes to taking photos so it is worth while heading over to here blog and checking it out! Did I mention how beautiful she is? Hope you don't mind I posted your photo below. Thank you!

The rules of the tag:
•Thank the person who nominated you and add their blog link.
•Share 5 facts about yourself.
•Nominate 10 blogs and add their blog links.
•Notify the bloggers that you nominated for the award.
•Pass the rules along.

My Five Facts

1. I love playing hockey
I have played hockey for nine years while being in school. It is a bit harder being out of school because there is no club close to where I live. I would really love to go back to playing hockey because it was so fun and I really loved being on the field. Maybe next year.... I hope!My favorite was indoor hockey! These hockey photos are not mine....obviously! I got them from from the Spar Ladies Hockey Tournament Facebook. I am the one in the green.

2. I use to model 
This only last for a couple months. I did enjoy it but I think school got to busy. This took place in like 2011. I was with a Modeling school called Extreme Model Management.

3. I am learning to crouquet
This is something that my gran left me with. Something really special to remember her by, the skill of coquetting. I'm not quite there yet. I know how to croquet a scarf and I am working on my granny squares to make a blanket. (Photo from Google)

4. I'm going to start studying soon.
I have recently applied a UNISA to study a BCompt (Accounting Science in Financial Accounting) still waiting for a response but I am so excited to start studying!

5. My favorite thing to do: Go to the movie theater with my boyfriend!
I really love going to watch a good movie during the week to relax from work. It's my absolute favorite thing! 

I nominate:

Lauren - Styled
Nivii  - Nivii's Diary
Ines - Batty Blonde
Natalie - Intrepid Bliss

You guys are great thank you for the follow! Hope you liked this post!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Winter Wish List 2015

I got this idea from Mandy's post 25 Fashion Blog Post Ideas. Check her out, she is great! I really like to browse online to find my favorites and it is a great idea to sum that up and do a post on it. I decided to look for my favorites at Mr Price.

1.  Cream Utility Parka Jacket    R 329.99. I really love this jacket! The colour and the style is perfect. I think it will really keep you warm this winter. I first fell in love with this style jacket when I went to England and saw everyone wearing them. You don't see a lot of them in South Africa because it is not that cold. I really would love to invest in one.

2. Cut Out Ankle Boots  R 189.99. Looking for the right shoe to wear your knee high socks with well these are perfect!I really love them in brown. Love them and that's why its on my wishlist!

3. Waterfall Jacket   R 189.99. Really cute and easy to put a outfit together with this jacket. I like the way it opens up in the front.

4. Grey Turtle Neck Pullover   R 99.99. I have a maroon one like this. I think the grey one is so nice as well. Turtle neck is a trend at the moment and they can be easily pulled off with high waist jeans or a skirt and a nice necklace. 

5. Colour Block Pullover   R 119.99. I really like this jersey because its grey....I love grey. 

6. Round Animal Print Glasses   R 49.99. I don't know if these glasses would even suit me... but they are so cool might I mention very affordable!

7. Colour Block Shopper Bag   R 149.99. My favorite colours in one hand bag. WOW.... This bag is soo pretty!

8. Skinny Fit Denim Jeans   R169.99 to R 189.99 I recently invested in the same style skinny jeans -High waist and ripped knees - I got mine from Factorie. I decided to put this on my wish list because I would love to invest in another because I'm loving mine so much!

9. Blue and White Slouchy Top   R89.99. This is the kind of top that you grab when you don't want to put too much thought into your outfit and you still look great! This would be a great investment!

10. Check Print Scarf  R59.99. Whats winter without a scarf? I really wouldn't mind adding this item to my cupboard.

11. Red Peter Pan Top   R 89.99. A POP of colour! I really adore the detail at the bottom of this shirt and the collar. This would be nice for work and will make you look smart for any occasion.

Whats your favorite from the list?


Monday, May 4, 2015

My Favorite Instagram Accounts

Instagram one of my favorite apps and Social Media. I find myself browsing accounts for hours and hours, creating new obsessions and finding inspirations! I have decided to show you the accounts that I have been loving!

A video posted by Nails Videos (@nailsvideos) on

A photo posted by Carlinn (@superficialgirl) on

A photo posted by Kayleigh Johnson (@kayleighjcouture) on

A photo posted by Sara Salah (@wearwild) on

A photo posted by DANIELLE JACKSON (@daniellejjackson) on

Hope you enjoy these accounts! Have you got any favorites?


Sunday, May 3, 2015

Outfit of the Day | Navy & Black

Skirt : Jay Jays
Shirt: Ebay
Shoes: Mr Price 
Necklaces: Mr Price

Really love this outfit! I'm not one for heels but wedges are so comfy and go so nicely with this outfit. Had fun at the back of the house taking these pictures. Hope to do more posts like this one!

Anything you would change in this outfit? Let me know!


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