Someday Summary - Wednesday

By Unknown - April 22, 2015

So I have seen a lot of people do this: 

So I have just completed my application for Uni at UNISA (University of South Africa).I was planning to go to UKZN but a better opportunity came along and a took it! I applied for a BCompt (Accounting Science in Financial Accounting). Pretty excited to start studying, sounds crazy right? I'll be studying part time with long distance studying. This is going to be quite the challenge but I'm ready! At the moment I'm working as a Trainee Accountant so that will help a lot! Wooowho!
 Youtube Videos?
I have film a few videos just for fun. Trying to share the things that I love.... But I don't know if Ill ever publish them... Still thinking about it. It's a bit hard knowing that there are so many other people post the same videos and are more successful. And you like whats the point?... but the only thing that will push me is that I love doing them.
 Missing the sister...
My sister has been in the UK since December. She is coming back in May. Really excited. We don't get on as well as we should but it's been too long no so she needs to be back like now!
 Really enjoying these South African Blogger at the moment SuperficialGirls and Pink Peonies!


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