Matric Dance 2014

By Unknown - April 13, 2015

This is a little late (Actually very late!) but I really wanted to share this special night with you (If anyone is out there). Well, Matric Dance is the same as prom night. Its basically a dance that they have in your last year of schooling. It took place in March 2014. Hope you enjoy the photos!

My Dress and Shoes
My dress was ordered online (unsure of website) and it was not meant to be red but more of a watermelon colour, however I was still happy with it. I had to have my dress fixed by a tailor because it didn't fit perfectly on my body. I got my shoes off Ebay. They were peep toes and fulled with diamantes.

My Makeup and Nails
I had my makeup done by an ex manager at a Mac shop. She did an excellent job and I was 100% happy with it! My nails were gel nails and I got the look off instagram and changed the colours to match my dress.

My Hair
My hair was done by a lady that works from her house. I had an up-do with twists on either side with a semi middle path. Completed with two pretty pins on either side. I had an up-do so that you could see the detail on my dress and my hair is really thin so it would have been a mess by the end of the night.

I wear simple jewelry, My necklace was from Truworths and my earrings were from a pharmacy.
I really enjoyed the night and we were entertained with fire dancers. You can see the venue was very pretty. I took my boyfriend to my dance who dressed in a tie and waist coat.

As you can see we went in a limo, ex-courted by a load of bikers! How cool is that?? 

It was truly a magical night! Tell me about your special night!


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