Favorite Lipsticks | Primark, Essence & Revlon

By Unknown - April 28, 2015

I am really not one to be found wearing bright pink or red lipstick. I'm more of  a nude fan, but I am opening up more, trying the brighter colours more and having so much fun with them! Check these out! 

1. Essence lipstick "Oh So Matt"
2. Essence lipstick "Cotton Candy"
3. Primark lipstick 
4. Primark lipstick 
5. Revlon Colorburst Matt Balm "Unapologetic"

The Essence lipsticks are great and affordable. I do find that they don't last long on your lips. The Primark lipsticks are in such great colours, They are Matt lipsticks and they do last long. They do tend to dry out my lips.
I absolutely love the Revlon lipstick, it lasts so long. This is the brightest lipstick though. Did I mention it has the most amazing smell?

The image above is arranged incorrectly. The third and fourth image or mixed up.

These are great lipsticks that you can add to your collection if you have one. I really love the packaging that the Primark ones come in. Have a great Wednesday!!


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