A Day In London

By Unknown - April 15, 2015

 In December 2014/January 2015 we went for a amazing holiday in England to visit family.Today, I'll just be focusing on the day that we went to London. Whoop! We only visited a few places because this was not the first time being in London so we did the things we haven't done before.

We visited the famous Madame Tussauds Museum of wax! Wow! What a good experience. Of course I acted like a complete tourist and took photos with all the wax figures. My favorite was the  Chamber of Horror! I literally landed on my bottom once because I got such a huge fright. You are constantly screaming through the whole walk. So much fun! We also went for the mini clip in 4D with the super heroes.

For lunch we visited the Rain Forest Cafe. I really love the whole vibe that goes on in there. Great food and drinks. I really wish they had something like this in South Africa!

We then went for a little shop in Primark and a classic bus ride!

I had a really good time! Thinking back I wonder what other cool thing could we have done? Any suggestions? Definitely going to go back there again! 


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