Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Favorite Lipsticks | Primark, Essence & Revlon

I am really not one to be found wearing bright pink or red lipstick. I'm more of  a nude fan, but I am opening up more, trying the brighter colours more and having so much fun with them! Check these out! 

1. Essence lipstick "Oh So Matt"
2. Essence lipstick "Cotton Candy"
3. Primark lipstick 
4. Primark lipstick 
5. Revlon Colorburst Matt Balm "Unapologetic"

The Essence lipsticks are great and affordable. I do find that they don't last long on your lips. The Primark lipsticks are in such great colours, They are Matt lipsticks and they do last long. They do tend to dry out my lips.
I absolutely love the Revlon lipstick, it lasts so long. This is the brightest lipstick though. Did I mention it has the most amazing smell?

The image above is arranged incorrectly. The third and fourth image or mixed up.

These are great lipsticks that you can add to your collection if you have one. I really love the packaging that the Primark ones come in. Have a great Wednesday!!


New Makeup | Catrice & Essence

As you can see I did a little shop for makeup nothing amazing but I really wanted to share this because I love buying new makeup! I am aware that there is a newer "version" to the Catrice Matt Mousse but it was all I could find at Edgars Red Square. I got it in the shade "Light Beige". I have never tried a mousse foundation so it was new for me. I found it very light on the skin and easy to apply. I used a foundation brush to apply it however I do think it would be easier with a makeup sponge. Next up, the Essence lip products. The lipstick is in the colour "Oh so Matt" a very gentle, nude colour. I really love it! I do wish it stayed longer on my lips though. The lip liner  is in the colour "Wish me a Rose". I am wearing the two lip products in the below picture.

I find Essence and Catrice to have very affordable, good quality makeup! I am looking forward to try their other product.


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Someday Summary - Wednesday

So I have seen a lot of people do this: 

So I have just completed my application for Uni at UNISA (University of South Africa).I was planning to go to UKZN but a better opportunity came along and a took it! I applied for a BCompt (Accounting Science in Financial Accounting). Pretty excited to start studying, sounds crazy right? I'll be studying part time with long distance studying. This is going to be quite the challenge but I'm ready! At the moment I'm working as a Trainee Accountant so that will help a lot! Wooowho!
 Youtube Videos?
I have film a few videos just for fun. Trying to share the things that I love.... But I don't know if Ill ever publish them... Still thinking about it. It's a bit hard knowing that there are so many other people post the same videos and are more successful. And you like whats the point?... but the only thing that will push me is that I love doing them.
 Missing the sister...
My sister has been in the UK since December. She is coming back in May. Really excited. We don't get on as well as we should but it's been too long no so she needs to be back like now!
 Really enjoying these South African Blogger at the moment SuperficialGirls and Pink Peonies!


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Latest Nail Art

Over the past two weeks I have been working on a few videos. Nail Art Video Tutorial! I am working on the voice over at the moment. Nails is something that I really enjoy and I am not 100% good because I am still learning.

Tell me what you think?


Loving Croquet Bikinis

Croquet crop tops and bra-lets have become very fashionable and popular. You can see why! I am loving it to although I don't have any croquet tops. I have also seen croquet bikinis as well. I honestly think they are beautiful! I'm not sure about the coverage but I think that depends on the design.

(Photos off Pinterest)

If I find a good affordable one that I like, I am honestly going to invest in it. I'm keeping my eyes open. Do you fancy this croquet trend? 


My 4 years with my Boyfriend

I woke up this morning thinking 'What the hell?'. It's so hard to believe that I have been with such an incredible person for 4 years! It's crazy really! Its been than amazing journey and he has in a way made me a lot more confident about myself and the things that I do. I have learnt so many new things being with him. Yes, its not a perfect relationship, we have fights. Just knowing that it has been this long gives me so much hope. The happiness that I have right now, it's overflowing!

These are photos that were recently taken of us. Plans to celebrate our special day? Dinner at Gateway Shopping Center...Have a great Thursday! 


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Crazy In love with Taylor

Anyone one else in love with Taylor? Stupid question, Really Shaelyn?? I am really loving her album (1989) and she is doing so well for herself.

(Photos are from google)

She really has grabbed a lot of peoples attention and think she is looking great! I really think her hair looks amazing and has inspired so many to go for the shorter look. I just wanted to share my celeb crush at the minute. I really love her instagram as well! 


A Day In Windsor

Thought I would do a quick post on the day that we went to Windsor. The pictures are all of me but thats just because I didn't want to put family on this blog without there permission!

The swans that you see belong to the queen. They are so beautiful! I really love the red coat that I was wearing. Its not mine though because I really don't need such a thick coat in South Africa so I borrowed my Aunts! Have a great Wednesday! 


A Day In London

 In December 2014/January 2015 we went for a amazing holiday in England to visit family.Today, I'll just be focusing on the day that we went to London. Whoop! We only visited a few places because this was not the first time being in London so we did the things we haven't done before.

We visited the famous Madame Tussauds Museum of wax! Wow! What a good experience. Of course I acted like a complete tourist and took photos with all the wax figures. My favorite was the  Chamber of Horror! I literally landed on my bottom once because I got such a huge fright. You are constantly screaming through the whole walk. So much fun! We also went for the mini clip in 4D with the super heroes.

For lunch we visited the Rain Forest Cafe. I really love the whole vibe that goes on in there. Great food and drinks. I really wish they had something like this in South Africa!

We then went for a little shop in Primark and a classic bus ride!

I had a really good time! Thinking back I wonder what other cool thing could we have done? Any suggestions? Definitely going to go back there again! 


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