Tuesday, December 8, 2015

My First Lush Purchase

Welcome back to my blog beautiful people. So like many, there is a first for everything.
A few weeks ago  had the opportunity to go to Gateway and purchases two lush products. I probably would have purchased more if I was prepared and did some research to try other peoples faverites but I just grabbed the two things that I could remember that was good from reading/ watching reviews in the past.

Most of you will know what lush is but for those of you that don't you can read up on their website that explains the best!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Rimmel Wake me up Foundation & Rimmel Kate Lipstick

I made another purchase on a few weeks back. I wanted to try the long loved Rimmel Wake me up Foundation that has been a lot of peoples faverites for years. They don’t sell them in South Africa anymore, well that I am aware of. When I saw they sold them on Feel Unique I had to give it a try! I am so happy that I matched it so well with my skin otherwise it would have been a waste. I decided to add the new Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish Nude Lipstick that have recently launched in South Africa

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Get ready for Summer with Superbalist!

It has been a while since I last posted but I am still here and I am not planning on going! Hope you all had a wonderful October!

It's great knowing that Summer is just around the corner. During this busy month of October of studying and working my bum off I was contacted by to pick my faverite Summer dress and share it with you. I got really excited because they sell some amazing clothing and clothing that you can't really get in South Africa; brands like New Look, American Apparel and loads more!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

My First Ever MAC Purchase | Lipstick & Palette

This will go down in history even if its just on my blog and Instagram. Most of you would have seen on Insta that I made my very first MAC purchase. This may seem silly to some people but for me its the beginning of my high end lipstick/ makeup collection. Not everyone can afford to hop on over to MAC and choose 5 lipsticks in one go. I was grateful when I receive a voucher for my birthday, I had to of course add on to the amount with my own money.

Monday, October 5, 2015

September Faverites 2015

Hello there October, bye bye September. I really didn't enjoy typing that because I love September. I guess we just have to look at it as a new month and a new beginning? I cannot believe the rate of speed that this year is going. It's way to fast and next week I have an exam! Study, Study, Study. Of course I took that time to put a small blog post together for you so you can see my September Faverites. These are products that I really enjoyed using this month and they really stood out to me. 

September Faverites:

 Body Shop Body Butter (Grapefruit) - The Body Shop
 Stila Eyes are the Window Shadow Palette in MIND - Stuttafords
 OPI Nail Polish in "I Just Cant Cope-acabana" - Stuttafords
 Zoella Beauty Kissy Missy Lip Balm - Feel Unique
 Palladio Rice Powder - Beauty South Africa sent to me to review but you can get it from Dischem
 Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara - Dischem
 Maybelline Dream Sun Bronzer - Sisters (She got it from the UK)

Hope you enjoyed this post I did film a video on my YouTube channel of My September Favorites. Go check it out!

Let me know if you have been loving any of these products!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

New Zoella Beauty Products !

Once again Zoella has added new products to her Beauty collection. Some really exciting products indeed! I am really excited for this as well as her Christmas collection! Check them out!

These images are from Superdrug. They are so beautiful and you can see that a lot of thought was put into this! The prices range from 5 - 15 pounds in Rands that is roughly R 110 - R 322. This is little bit pricey. You can purchase the Zoella Beauty range on . The feel unique website is only selling 4 of the products for some reason which is a little disappointing.

The Christmas range is not out yet but you get a seek peek of the products here

Here are some of my favorites from the New range and Christmas range!

I love these products and hope that I will be able to try out a few! Tell me what you think of this new collection! Check out my other posts on the Zoella Beauty Products here and here


Friday, September 25, 2015

Stila Eyes are the window Shadow Palette | Review

Hey beautifuls! It has been a while. Finally,  I took the time to do a blog review on this lovely palette that I want to share with you. I am not one to go and buy myself really expensive makeup but I had a voucher and decided to get this beauty. There are four different Stila Eyes are the Window Shadow Palettes if you didn't know already. Body, Spirit, Soul and Mind as shown below.

This image I got off google. I really love the look of Soul! I got mine in MIND. This palette is a fully matte shadow palette which I love because I am not a big fan of glitter and shimmer. It has amazing variety of colours so you can wear it day and night. My eye shadow has really been looking amazing because of how amazing you are able to blend the shadows in together. I have had only amazing experiences with it. The packaging is so pretty as well!

Look how amazing the colours are? They are super pigmented and such good quality!

My favorite shadows:

1. Genius
2. Observation
3. Reason
4. Thinker

These colours create the perfect natural looking eye look. I did an everyday make up look using this palette so go check that out!

I purchased this palette from Stuttafords for about R 495. I see on takealot they have a sale on them here. Let me know what you think of this palette!


Monday, August 31, 2015

Spring time equals happiness!

Yay! It is Spring/ September tomorrow! I really love spring because its associated with flowers, new life and of course a new beginning. It is a new season so I treat it as a new beginning. Time to get out of the Winter mode and get into a happy spring mode. The fresh smell of flowers in the garden is bound to get you happy.

Reasons to be happy this Spring: (Why I love spring)

1. We have quite a few flowers in our garden and I love the smell of them when I step out the house early in the morning to go to work. It's so fresh which is refreshing. I really appreciate it! Have flowers around you, this will lighten up your mood and get you more positive!

2. We have come out of winter where people are wearing warmer clothing and wearing darker colours. It is now time to lighten up you cupboard and get those brighter colours out! Try some new colours that you haven used before. I have recently purchased a yellow nail polish and I'm loving it!

3. I feel like every time the seasons change we should change as well. Whether its changing your clothing colour/ style or your attitude toward life and people. Try change something to make you happy! Its a great time for a new beginning and find ways to make your life easier living! Life is not easy but its up to you on how you deal with it. Starting a new will be a good idea by setting new goals and ideas.

4. Its time to spend more time outside in the sun! Yes! I love being in the sun by the pool! It is so relaxing. Make the effort to sit outside and enjoy nature and don't forget to invite the people that you love with you!

5. Summer is coming! Which means Christmas! Enough said!

6. It is my birthday month!

I hope this helps you have a better and happier look on the new up coming season! I would just like to let you know that my blog posts are going to be coming in slow because I have a month before exams and 3 weeks before my driving test! My nerves are going crazy but I am using spring to be more positive because there so many reasons to be happy! I will be uploading a few YouTube videos soon. Check out my last video here!

Let me now why you are happy for Spring!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Fall Jackets | Zaful

You are probably reading the title and saying to yourself that this girl is crazy we are going into Spring /Summer in South Africa. Well, I wish I did this post earlier to show you some really stylish jackets that you could have enjoyed and I am sure you can still rock them on the cooler days of spring. If you are reading this post and it is Fall (Autumn) where you live I am sure you will enjoy this post and find it helpful if you are looking for some stylish jackets this fall.

Zaful have some lovely fall jackets to finish off your outfit and make you look on point. I really love these jackets and wish I had a few myself. Zaful is affordable and always have the latest trends! They are having tons of sales at the moment so go now and check them out here.

I'll be showing you a few of my favourites:

I really love this grey sleeveless drape jacket. Firstly, because I love grey and secondly its so beautiful; I love the way it falls in the front. It is perfect to wear to look dressed up on the warmer days/ nights. I really love the length of this jacket as well. Check it out here.

You can't go wrong with a leather jacket. It's great for movies or a night out with your friends. I think everyone should have a leather jacket. I especially love the detail of the studs on this jacket. Check this jacket out here.

I have been loving any floral/ patterned jacket lately. They really make you look bold and stand out more. This is perfect if you can't find a good shirt to wear. If you wear a plain coloured shirt you can easily pull floral/pattern jackets off this fall. As you can see it looks really good with statement jewellry. Get option 1 here and option 2 here.

I really love these jackets and had so much fun putting this post together for you to show you my favourite jackets. I wish I could show you all my favourites but you should go look for yourself! Let me know what you think of the Zaful Fall jackets and which are your favourites!


Monday, August 24, 2015

Pink H&M dress with black floppy hat {OOTD}

Last week I didn't post much because I had three assignments due so I'll try catch up with some blog posts this week. I have had this H&M dress for a while now since last year December that I got in England and I haven't really had the chance to wear it. It is a very light pink dress with lace detail in the front and an open back. I really love it! 

Some of you guys may have seen these photos being set at my new profile pictures that would be because Shaelyn just couldn't wait until she publishes this post. I hope you guys like my new blog layout let me know what you think! Have a great Tuesday lovies!

BP Durban Day outfit ideas from Mr Price 2015

Yes, it is that time again. Durban day on the 6th of September! For those of you that don't know what Durban day is, its a day where everyone gets together to see some of South Africans best singers/ bands. This years line up : AKA, MonArk, Beatenberg, MiCasa, Mattew Mole, Mafikizolo, Veranda Panda, Thandiswa Mazawai and Prime Cirle.

Find out more here!

I have created a post to help you plan your outfit. These are affordable items that you can get from Mr Price. I hope that this post helps you even if you have similar items at home. Option 1 is for warm days and Option 2 is for the cooler days.

Option 1:

 Striped crop - R 29.99 
 Black Shorts - R 129.99
 Black Bag - R 69.99
 Long glads - R 159.99
Brown skirt - R 129.99
 Brown backpack - R 129.99
 Glads - R 129.99

Option 2:

White skinnies - R 169.99
Brown glads - R 119.99
Grey shirt - R 79.99
Blue Bag - R79.99
Pale pink backpack - R 159.99
Grey tang - R 39.99
Black skinnies - R 159.99
Hat - R 149.99
Sunnies - R 39.99

If it is a hot day you can't forget protection from the sun. Hope to see you guys there!

Let me know if you liked this post and if you will be attending BP Durban Day !

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Ahoy! Nauti Girl by essence

Today I have an exciting post! Its all about essence new nauti girl range. Its a very cute and different range that everyone can enjoy. I only got a few of the products which I'll share with you later in the post but first lets look at the whole range.

(Image off google)

I really love the names of these products they are so clever!

1. Eyeshadow palette- "01 Cool Breeze" R69.95
2. Waterproof eye pencil - "01 Ahoy, boy!" R57.95
3. Eyebrow tint - "01 Ocean liner" R44.50
4. Longlasting lipstick - "01 Miss navy" and "02 Crew first" R44.50
5. Blush - "01 Anchors Aaweigh!" R57.95
6. Nail Polish - "01  Ahoy, boy", "02 Oh captain, my captain", "03 Miss navy" and "04 Crew first" R38.95
7. Nail sticks- "01 Hey sailors!" R24.95
8. Like a nauti girl fragrance - Around R59.00

I didn't see the make up bag and the other palette in store. I'm not sure if they have it in South Africa. The range is only in store between August and October while stock last.

This is what I got:


I already have similar colours to the range so I saved some money and used what I have. I really love the deep navy blue that I brought from the collection. I created a simple look with the stickers.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I got all the products from Dischem. Check out the video!

Let me know what you think of this collection!

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